Self Defense Program

Karate Mantra offers fitness kickboxing classes. “Kickboxing” focuses on bag work, conditioning and getting a great workout. Kickboxing is an intense sport requiring maximum physical and mental effort. Kickboxing provides an excellent opportunity to improve physical fitness, lose weight, and reduce stress.

The Kickboxing class improves endurance, strength, muscle tone, coordination and flexibility. It also builds lean muscle and burns fat. Kickboxing is one of the best cardiovascular workouts. You can burn up to 800 calories in a one hour class!! In addition to burning calories and fat, because you’ll be working on a bag, you also get resistance training in every class which will help you to tone up and have that chiseled physique.

The explosive, upbeat cardiovascular workout emphasizes footwork, body mechanics, punching and kicking combinations and basic offensive and defensive techniques. It is fun, challenging, and a great way to stay in shape and improve overall physical fitness.

Kickboxing is incredibly practical and effective. What you have learned, even in your very first training class, can be applied immediately. Gradually, you are taught how to jab and deliver straight cross, how to hook and deliver an uppercut. You will learn how to use low kicks, elbow and knee strike, all of them powerful and useful techniques.

You will become familiar with throws, takedown techniques and groundwork, arm locks as well as foot submission holds. These techniques, taught to beginners, are exactly the same as those used by professional fighters.

Kickboxing provides an excellent opportunity to improve physical fitness, lose weight, and reduce stress. It is tested and proven to be completely effective in actual combat situations.

You don’t have to become a professional kickboxer or even a world champion in order to become a good kickboxer. You can train at your own pace and to your own level of commitment, but even so, within short period of time you will be able to defend yourself if you are attacked.

In an attack situation a fighting spirit or “killer instinct” is needed to survive, as criminals do not adhere to any rules. Please note however, that while kickboxing teaches useful self-defense techniques as well as improving strength and agility, only experienced exponents of the sport should attempt to defend themselves against weapon- wielding attackers.