Kofukan Shito-Ryu Karate

Shito-Ryu karate style is one of the four major Karate styles recognized by the World Karate Federation, which are chiefly Shotokan, Goju-Ryu, Wado-Ryu and Shito-Ryu. This Karate style was formed in 1931 by Kenwa Mabuni.

Shihan Keiji Tomiyama

Shihan Keiji Tomiyama is the president and joint chief instructor of Kofukan Shito-Ryu karate International. He is 8th Dan in Shito-Ryu and 6th Dan in Goju Ryu. With his vast knowledge and ability, striving to maximize technical efficiency with applications makes him one of the finest karate teacher in the world.

Kofukan Shito-Ryu karate is designed around the study of body mechanics, is very fast due to its relatively high stance aiding mobility, and is known for the double hip twist, which maximizes the force of its strikes; making it one of the most hard-hitting Karate styles.

Kofukan Shito-Ryu karate is the style that preserves and characterizes most of the original Shuri-te techniques (fast and straight movements) and Naha-te techniques (circular and supple movements).

Shihan M.Kanaharaj

Shihan M. Kanaharaj M.A., M.Phil. Black Belt 7th Dan 40 years experience in the karate field is the India representative and Technical Director of Kofukan Shito-Ryu karate in India.
He is one of the most experienced and awarded karate teacher in India. He has been awarded as a state champion 6 times, national champion 3 times.

Rajesh Kumar

Rajesh Kumar, founder of Karate Mantra and chief instructor of Delhi having more than 20 years karate teaching experience in IIT Delhi and various organisations, believes every individual should learn and benefit from karate training.

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What Kofukan Means: – “Tiger Wind Establishment”

KO (Tiger) FU (Wind) KAN (house). The tiger represents the hard, crisp direct movement typified in the Karate practiced in the Shuri-te style of Karate; Wind represents the suppler, circular movements typical of the Naha-te style.

About Our Badge

The circle in our badge represents ‘harmony’ and ‘perfection’.

Three swords represent three very important aspects of Karate training that is Body, Mind and Technique. Kofukan practitioner should focus on ‘correct attitude’, ‘strong body’, and’ correct techniques’ that attains a high level of spiritual achievement.

Three principles emanating from the very centre pass through the circle binding them together.

The calligraphy inside the circle is the name of our style -SHITO RYU and on the outside is the name of our Association -KOFUKAN.

Finally, black & gold are used as they are the same colours as the tiger.

Aims of Kofukan Shito-Ryu Karate 

  1. Cultivate good personality and strong character
  2. Preserve correct techniques and katas
  3. Promote friendship among members

Technical principles

  1. Do not make any unnecessary movements
  2. Do not use any unnecessary force
  3. Use the whole body to perform techniques
  4. Start the next movement from the present position

 Instruction Principles 

  1. Respect the values of the traditional katas
  2. Unified study of kata and kumite
  3. Scientific approach in analysing techniques