Karate for Women

Karate is an activity that offers everyone, especially women, the culture of self confidence and self-esteem who face the daily challenges imposed by society to them.

In today’s diverse society, violence is a dominant issue, especially for women, who lack the physical strength and size of their human counterparts, making self-defense a continual concern. Women make a good target for thugs, robbers and other crimes such as domestic violence on daily basis.

Many women are interested in learning how to protect themselves against violent situations, but they are often not sure where to turn. Karate is one of the best places where women can develop the mental and physical skills to defend themselves against attacks.

Karate training is not only focused on improving the self defense and physical element of a women but  also improves their  mental toughness, spiritual strength, self-reliance, mental calmness, pain tolerance, and instinct to survive the life in today’s world.

Karate has many advantages some of them are: –

Physical Fitness: – Karate provides a focused, goal-oriented approach to better health for women. The high-impact exercise of karate practice builds strength, speed, stamina, flexibility and endurance in women, keeping them physically fit and in great shape without the stress and discomfort of dieting; it also helps in cardiovascular exercise which are good for our heart. A fact which helps establish a positive personal image and further promotes confidence in life in general. Karate training makes increases the bone density and makes them stronger and thus helps in avoiding problems like osteoporosis in the later stages of life.

Karate training also helps women to maintain motivation and build discipline to make healthier choices in support of their weight loss goals and become more active in their daily life.

Self Defense: – Self-defense is the act of defending ourselves against attack by the use of physical force. Women should know how to defend themselves when the need arises. Women are viewed as the weaker sex, and therefore are the target of crimes. Women need to know how to protect themselves against harassment, snatching, domestic violence, kidnapping, etc. Karate can replace timidity with technique. The thought of being not safe reminds parents of their daughters, they keep worrying about them, and some of parents restrict them to move out for work. Making them learn karate enables women to be safe anywhere they are without being dependent on others for help when they are in trouble.

Self-defense training increases confidence and self-control, improves self-esteem, and instills a positive mental attitude while developing muscle, strength, instincts against crime and physical endurance.

Self Confidence: – Knowing how to protect our self against predators has an amazing way of quickly boosting self-confidence. Women feel themselves stronger, empowered, and ready to take back control. It has been proven that attackers target on certain types of people who appears timid, scared or weak because they are easy to overcome. On the other hand, a confident person walking tall is less likely to become a victim.

Stress and Anger: – Studies show that women are more likely to develop depression from stress than men. Stress generates anger, and anger generates stress like cyclic process. Stress is one of the biggest killers today. It is the main reason behind most illnesses and disease. Stress may be cause of many factors, including biological, psychological, and social factors.

Many studies have shown that training in karate and focused deep breathing exercises boost up brain’s chemical, associated with feelings of well-being which help ease stress and anger. It assists people in overcoming fears and worries and develops concentration. It enhances self-management and adds confidence. Also any intense physical activity increases the production of endorphins, natural stress relieving hormones, and helps in inducing good quality sleep thereby boosting the body’s innate defenses against stress.

Women have busy lifestyle. Many of them try to juggle careers, exercise and family life. The list goes on. Karate is a great way to relieve stress and anger. Karate allows anger and stress to be displayed in acceptable manner. The physical activity coupled with a feeling of accomplishment makes karate a natural stress reliever. Karate can also teach women how to control their emotions. Since women are emotional by nature, this one benefit alone is a reason enough to learn karate.

Karate training at peak performance levels is the best way to prevent disease, as well as to stimulate positive changes in the body’s natural healing systems.

Self Esteem: – Self esteem is a feeling of self worth of a person. Women have always been treated as a second class citizen in male dominant society. Women have been fighting for equal pay, equal representation in social organization and shared household respect in manmade society.

Several factors cause loss of self esteem in women, such as molestation, destructive self-criticism, unhealthy relationships, negative comments from relatives or from society, insufficient emotional comfort and unattainable expectations.

When a woman learns Karate, she also learns self-defense and develops her self-confidence and self-esteem which allows her to be able to go out in life with less fear and with a warmer and more open attitude.

Intuition and Instincts: – Everyone is born with an inbuilt warning system that is instinct. It is something that we do naturally without thinking. An instinct is a reaction. Reaction is based on agility, quickness and speeds (AQS) are mainly what will determine the quality of execution of the brains decision within shortest time to counter action. “Intuition” is based on experience of reaction.

Self-defense course trains mind and the body. Strength training helps women to fight and win against an attacker, whereas mental training helps women develop intuition, in which they learn to sense danger and trust their gut feeling. Intuition is one of the most vital elements to survival, along with having a survival mindset.

Role Model for Society: – Adults are role models for children and youth. If parents want their children to be active and healthy all their life they need to first set the example of themselves. Staying active, doing exercise regularly, practicing karate will encourage children and other youth around them about their importance.