About us

Karate Mantra is dedicated to bring the education and training of self-defense in reach of everyone from age five and up, or fitness levels. Our club practices the Kofukan Shito-Ryu style of karate, one of the most dynamic styles of karate in the world. Kofukan Shito-Ryu karate offers participants excellent physical conditioning and strong mental discipline, as well as a scientific proven method of self-defense.

Karate Mantra has a simple goal to make people physically, emotionally and mentally healthy. For us health and fitness is a passion that we work towards on a daily basis. In today’s world life has become so hectic that we often neglect our health to the point where it becomes a breeding ground for various ailments and stress.

We aim to make health the first and foremost priority in every individual’s life. Our experienced team and solid methods of trainings and assessment make sure that you never take your health and fitness lightly again.

Karate Mantra is based on scientific approaches that have three key principles:-

  • Scientific Assessment
  • Optimal Exercise Program
  • Professional Education

Our classes have been designed to provide the most effective platform for teaching and developing your martial arts skills and proficiency. Our scientific teaching method deals with knowledge of matter, perfect timing, use of space and body balance as they are coordinated to each other for directional impact in combat.

In modern world we face problems not only in physical domain but in emotional domain as well. Thus we believe in cultivating strong personality traits like self-confidence, discipline, integrity and acute mental awareness along with a strong body for an all-round development.

Karate Mantra is based on the values of truth, discipline and trust. These values are reflected in our every gesture and training and we expect the same from people who associate with us.

About the founder

Rajesh Kumar, founder of Karate Mantra and chief instructor of Delhi having more than 20 years karate teaching experience in IIT Delhi and various organisations, believes every individual should learn and benefit from karate training.